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Alejandro on Long Island

Welcome to Fairfield’s blog.

Our firm integrates the supply chain from the farm in Colombia, all the way to you the roaster/importer striving to get the top Colombian coffee.   Fairfield sources its coffee directly and in association with growers.  Our quality control and quality assurance, and milling / preparation for export, takes place in the cooperatives.    Our own firm in Bogota, F.F.T COLOMBIA SA takes care of the export and logistics in Colombia.

Our business is focused on excellent service, giving the same concern and attention whether delivering a  small micro-lots or a full container load.  All our coffee is highly distinguished single origin coffee.  Our bags are marked with the grower / association name and your firm name.   There are no secrets in our model.  We add value to all involved.  Our operations rely in the ability of supplying you with the best coffee in season while giving the grower the best possible deal.  We know  the coffee geography and the seasonal patterns of the coffee in Colombia well.  We use this knowledge to source the parchment timing it always to the center of harvest.

Although our firm and programs have received various distinctions and awards over the years, we take particular pride in the fact that it is the appreciation from producers and roaster-importing customers alike that bring us new clients and friends.  We facilitate the cooperation and integration between you and the growers so that in the end we bring to the table more than just sourcing and supplying of coffee.   Because of that, Fairfield business relationship with growers in Colombia and roasters and importers in EU and North America tend to last longer than just one lot.  We are proud of that!

We are eager to remain among the top suppliers of Colombian Single Origin coffees to key roaster and importers. 

Check us out!

Alejandro Renjifo


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Exportadores de Café de Origen Único
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Fairfield Trading LLC is a North American brokerage firm working to develop excellence in coffee and Coffee Relationship Partnerships that promote stable business and long term friendship between growers and their communities in Colombia, and roasters and coffee connoisseurs in North America. FFT Colombia SA is our exporting company based in Bogotá.

Phone: 917 375 3163 (USA)
Phone: 1 426 3585 (Bogotá)

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